Wicking (Capillary) Mat Replacements for SunBlaster Growlight Garden – 2 Pack


Growlight Garden wicking mats come two per pack, these fit the regular SunBlaster Full Size GrowLight Garden.

If you are using our reduced footprint size Micro Garden, this replacement pack will provide four wicking mat replacements. You just need to cut them to fit your garden.

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Care and Maintenance for SunBlaster Wicking Capillary Mat

Your Growlight Garden may need wicking mat replacement from time to time dependent on your application and maintenance of the mats. Plants can easily root through their tray or pot into the SunBlaster Wicking Capillary Mat. Just turn the trays around or give the  pot a quarter turn every week or so to keep wandering roots under control. Over time wicking mats can become dirty. You can easily remedy this by washing your wicking mats in a sink or laundry tub with a small amount of dish soap and a teaspoon of bleach Once washed, do not wring out the wicking mats. Instead, allow them to drip dry. Never put wicking mats into a dryer! You can use wicking mats over and over if you wash them ever few months.

The Wicking System provides a capillary movement where it draws water from the base reservoir, via the wicking mat and carries it to the tray bottom. These trays have been specifically engineered to allow for just the right amount of water to enter the growing medium.

No guesswork as to how much or when to water, we done the work for you. The trays design also allow for proper air circulation between the wicking mat and the tray bottom providing good air movement and helping to keep the root zone healthy and happy.

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