SunBlaster Seed Trays for Growlight Garden – 4 pack


Extra Seed Trays are available as four packs for the regular size Growlight Garden T5HO Lighting, or Growlight Garden LED Lighting.

Having spare trays allows you to preload your trays for your next round of growing.

These are the same trays as supplied with your Growlight Garden.

(Plants and soil not included).

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SunBlaster Seed Trays for Growlight Garden – 4 pack

Having an extra set of SunBlaster Seed Trays will allow you to start the seeding and germination process before the next round  of growing before the final harvest from the current crop from the Growlight Garden.

  • Getting Started

Fill your seed trays with loose soil. We recommend adding a little Perlite or Vermiculite to the soil for aeration and water retention, plus organic fertilizer (follow instructions on the package). Or, you can simply use a good quality organic growing medium which has the ideal mixture already prepared (including organic fertilizer). We recommend PRO-MIX Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix.

Next, slightly moisten the soil and add seeds following the directions on the seed package or small plants, sowing and spacing your seeds and plants according to the instructions provided. Mist your soil with water once your seeds have been planted. Make sure there is moisture in the soil before you leave your seeds to germinate.

  • See the results

Over the next few days you will notice your micro greens sprouting, and transplants developing more leaves. Once that happens you can now fill the base reservoir with water and wet the Wicking Mat before you put it in, black side facing up. Now you can place your seedling trays on top of the wicking mat and turn on the Grow Light Garden light fixture.

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