2 Ft. SunBlaster Growlight Garden – Black – with LED Lighting


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  • Two SunBlaster LED 18″ 6400K 18W  Strip Lights
  • T Power Cord – interconnecting the two grow lamps
  • Garden Canopy – adjustable to 18″
  • Heavy Duty Base – serves as the reservoir for auto watering
  • Raised platform – for auto watering via the wicking mat
  • Wicking (capillary) mat for auto watering
  • Four Seedling Trays – providing both auto watering capability and aeration in one great tray
  • Footprint: 24″ x 16″

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Sunblaster Growlight Garden with LED Lighting – Owner Manual

Growlight Gardens – LED Installation Guide

SunBlaster Growlight Garden – Black – with LED Lighting

Ready to Grow Gardens

  • Enjoy homegrown herbs and greens year-round
  • Compact system takes up minimal space
  • Self-watering system ensures healthy growth
  • LED lighting maximize overall performance, economy, and extend longevity

Sunblaster Growlight Gardens – come to you as complete and “Ready to Grow” gardens.

Just assemble and add your favorite starting mix, seeds  or starter plants of your choice, water and you will be growing in no time.

Perfect for growing herbs, salad & micro-greens.

Want to get ahead start on next seasons seed starts? The Growlight Garden will get your favorite seeds started and ready to transplant quickly.

The attractive table top design makes it perfect for use in the home, office or restaurant. Anywhere  you want to grow fresh herbs, micro greens or perhaps showcase your favorite plants.

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights are designed for maximum performance, economy and longevity, while providing the best possible full spectrum lighting (3900 lumens) for all Indoor Growing applications. Estimated life: approx. 11 years (50,000 hours).

Here’s a Bonus!

All  Growlight Gardens come complete with  auto watering capability via our “Wicking System” this helps take the guesswork out of watering!

How it Works

The Wicking System provides a capillary movement where it draws water from the base reservoir, via the wicking mat and carries it to the tray bottom. These trays have been specifically engineered to allow for just the right amount of water to enter the growing medium.

No guesswork as to how much or when to water, we done the work for you. The trays design also allow for proper air circulation between the wicking mat and the tray bottom providing good air movement and helping to keep the root zone healthy and happy.

We recommend rotating your trays every few days to prevent the roots from growing into your wicking mat and making post harvest clean up a breeze.

Wicking mats can be reused or replaced as needed.

For a good organic growing medium for your Growlight Garden we recommend PRO-MIX Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix.

Click here for replacement wicking mats .

Click here for extra growing trays.

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