Seeds: Organic Lettuce – “Field Greens Mix”


  • Packet Size: approx. 500 Seeds, Certified Organic
  • Days to Maturity: 30 days
  • Mix of flavourful greens
  • Incl. sharp arugula, tangy mustard, spicy cress,
  • nutty endive, chard and kale
  • Organic seeds grown and harvested in Ontario
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Out of stock



Organic Lettuce Field-Greens-Mix Seeds

Grown and harvested in Ontario, organic Lettuce Field-Greens-Mix seeds take 30 days to reach maturity. This mix combines a number of favourite lettuces with flavourful greens such as sharp arugula, tangy mustard, spicy cress and nutty endive. Chard and kale round out the mix. Beautiful on the plate and tasty on the tongue.

Planting Instructions

Lettuce prefers cool conditions and can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked in spring. Best growth occurs at 16-18 degrees Celsius. Sow seed .3 cm deep, firm soil and cover lightly as some light is required for germination. Sow indoors 3-4 weeks before your transplant date. Outdoors space plants 21 cm apart in rows 30-45 cm apart. Continue to sow every 3 weeks throughout the season for a continuous supply of fresh greens. Many lettuce varieties will not germinate at temperatures over 24 degrees Celsius. Sow seed in a shaded location mid-summer. Some varieties do well in the unheated winter greenhouse.

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Hawthorn Farm

Hawthorn Farm produces organic seeds for the Canadian climate. All seeds are non-GMO, non-hybrid, and open-pollinated from plants grown in Ontario, Canada.