Seedling & Growing Trays – 1020 Quad Super-Strong (with drainage holes)



  • Super-sturdy quad-thick black plastic last for years
  • Greenhouse Industry Standard 10″ X 20″ interior growing area.
  • External Dimensions: 11″ X 21″ X 2-1/2″ deep (28 cm X 53 cm X 6 cm deep)
  • Canadian Manufacturer:  Injection Molded – manufactured from recycled plastic – polypropylene, which is BPA free.
  • “Food Safe” Designation.

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Seedling & Growing Trays – 1020 Quad Super-Strong (with drainage holes)

Better Trays for Better Growing

Quadruple Thick 1020 Seedling Tray (with drainage)

Super Heavy Duty Seedling Propagation Trays – 1020 Quad with Drainage to assist growers in achieving maximum output for their growing efforts.

This high quality injection molded tray is four times the thickness of industry standard 1020 trays.

Never again will your hard work and profits end up on the floor due to a flimsy tray.

These trays will last and last, even in the harshest commercial environments.

This professional-grade 1020 Quad-Thick Tray  provides sturdy support and is perfect for bottom watering. Bottom channels provide even water distribution.

Combine with our Propagation Heat Sheet for quick and easy germination.

Growers love them because they last, crop after crop, cycle after cycle.

These Quad Thick trays clean up quickly and easily ready for another round in no time.

External Dimensions: 11″ x 21″ x 2-1/2″ deep (28 cm x 53 cm x 6 cm deep)

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