Easy Sprout Sprouter


  • Uses heat from sprouting seeds to circulate fresh, humidified air by natural convection.
  • Prevents suffocation and dehydration so sprouts need less – or NO – rinsing.
  • Conveniently produces healthier, tastier sprouts faster with minimal effort.
  • EASY SPROUT is made from the finest quality food-grade materials.

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Easy Sprout Sprouter

The revolutionary system of the Easy Sprout Sprouter makes sprouting amazingly convenient. Everything is easier – soaking, rinsing, sprouting, storing and serving.

Why Sprout?

Easy-Sprout Sprouter turns natural seeds into tiny dynamos of energy, rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other important food values. Sprouts are as varied as the seeds chosen for sprouting and are delicious in countless ways, raw and cooked.

Easy-Sprout is the ideal “finger-tip garden” anywhere and anytime, without soil or sunshine. Whether you’re and old-timer at sprouting, or just getting started, you’ll love the convenience of Easy-Sprout.

Easy Sprout Sprouter

Natural convection provides a continuous supply of oxygen

The EASY-SPROUT Advantage

EASY-SPROUT redefines old concepts of sprouting. How? A simple discovery – properly soaked seeds germinate at an accelerated rate IF their environment offers optimal warmth, oxygen and protection from the drying effects of air. The unique EASY-SPROUT design ensures accelerated, optimal growth of sprouts by maintaining warmth without excessive heat buildup, and moisture without excessive wetness. Natural convection provides a continuous supply of oxygen, so frequent flushing with water is unnecessary to maintain a fresh, viable environment (as with jars, trays, etc.).

EASY-SPROUTING lets you grow so much high quality food so fast and in so little space. Put untreated, whole dry seeds, beans, or grains grains in the Easy Sprout Sprouter – ¼ cup for Alfalfa, Radish, Broccoli and Other Salad Types, 1 ½ cups for Beans; 2 cups for Grains, Sesame, or Sunflower. Fill with very warm water, soak one to 12 hours, then drain well and set on your counter to sprout. Easy! Look for just the beginning of a root emerging.

Contents of Package:

One Easy-Sprout consisting of six parts: ventilating outer container, bottom-draining inner container, alfalfa insert, combination measuring cup/dome vented and solid lids, and Sprouting Guide.

Made in USA, No BPA

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Easy Sprout