4 X 4 Greenes Cedar Raised Garden Bed with CritterGuard


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  • Untreated Cedar safe for veggies
  • Rot & Insect Resistant
  • Easy to set up using dovetail interlocking joints
  • Size of Garden Bed: 4 ft. (length) X 4 ft. (width) X 10.5 in. (height)
  • Size of CritterGuard: 45″ (length) x 23.5″ (height)
  • Soil Needed: 14 cu/ft
  • Model Number: RC4T12BCG
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Build your 4X4 Raised Garden-Bed with CritterGuard with Ease

Easy to Set Up: The 4X4 Raised Garden-Bed with CritterGuard uses dovetail interlocking joints, which makes assembly a breeze. Each board slides into the corner posts without tools to form a secure open-bottom garden frame. Every corner post is routed on all four sides for easy assembly and expansion. The decorative tops can be added to each post using a screwdriver.

The Greenes CritterGuard Fence system fits into Greenes Fence Company Cedar Raised Garden Beds. Simply push the fence between each post. Each panel measures 45 in. long x 23.5 in. tall. Stakes push 7 in. into the soil leaving 16.25 in. of fence above the soil.

Greenes Original Raised Garden Bed: Greenes Original line of cedar raised garden beds allows you to create an open-bottom frame to support your garden. Raised garden beds give your plants the room they need to grow in the location of your choice. Our cedar frame is made in the USA and left untreated, which means it is organic and safe to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Longevity: Cedar is resistant to rot and insects, making it the perfect choice for your garden. Left organic, the wood will weather nicely to a silver-gray color over time. To preserve the wood apply a seal or stain of your choice.

Specifications: Each board is 11/16 inch thick and 3.5 inches in height. The routed corner posts are 2.5 inches square and come with 3.5-inch-square decorative tops.

Sustainably Sourced

A renewable resource, our cedar is harvested from managed forests and is never treated with chemicals.

Safe for Fruits and Veggies

To keep edible plants safe, our garden beds are never treated with chemicals, giving you the confidence to put your harvest on the dinner table.

Naturally Rot and Insect Resistant

Our untreated cedar garden beds naturally resist rot and insects, so you can enjoy your garden.

Built in the USA

Greenes means quality you can depend on. For three generations, we’ve built our reputation on premium garden products milled and made in the USA.

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