3 Ft. Greenes Cedar Elevated Garden Bed 35″ x 19″ x 31″


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  • Untreated Cedar safe for veggies
  • Rot & Insect Resistant
  • Chemical Free & Organic
  • Size: 35″ (length) X 19″ (width) X 31″ (height)
  • Model Number: RCEV1632
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3-FT Greenes Elevated Garden-Bed

Create a patio garden with the 3-FT Greenes Elevated Garden-Bed. The elevated design means you can grow a lush garden without ever bending over. With 9 3/4 inches of soil depth you can grow healthy plants, herbs, and vegetables. The bed is made out of chemical free and naturally rot resistant North American cedar. It assembles with a rubber mallet using the time tested and proven Greenes Fence Company dovetail design. The bed even comes with a fabric liner. After assembling the Greenes Cedar Elevated Garden Bed add soil, plants, and sunshine to start growing the garden of your dreams!

  • Perfect for Growing Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers
  • Ideal for Patios, Porches, Decks, and Balconies
  • Convenience of Gardening without Bending Over
  • Beautify your Outdoor Living Space
  • Naturally Rot- and Insect-Resistant
  • Assembles Easily with a Rubber Mallet
  • Fabric Liner Included
  • Soil Needed: 3 Cubic Feet
  • Inside Garden Bed Size: 31 3/4 Inches Long X 15 3/4 Inches Wide x 9 3/4 Inches Deep
Sustainably Sourced

A renewable resource, our cedar is harvested from managed forests and is never treated with chemicals.

Safe for Fruits and Veggies

To keep edible plants safe, our garden beds are never treated with chemicals, giving you the confidence to put your harvest on the dinner table.

Naturally Rot and Insect Resistant

Our untreated cedar garden beds naturally resist rot and insects, so you can enjoy your garden.

Built in the USA

Greenes means quality you can depend on. For three generations, we’ve built our reputation on premium garden products milled and made in the USA.

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Greenes Fence

Greenes Fence manufactures high-quality cedar raised and elevated garden beds and related products, made in the United States from North American cedar.