18-inch Sunblaster Prism Lens LED-HO Strip Light 6400K, 18 Watt


  • New prismatic lens refracts and reflects the light into a 90-degree output angle
  • Full-spectrum lighting provides the ideal lighting conditions for plant growth.
  • Self-Cooling Technology (SCT) creates the most advanced horticultural lighting available
  • Light Output: 2500 Lumens
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NEW: 18-inch Sunblaster Prism Lens LED-HO Strip-Light 6400K, 18 Watt

The 18-inch Sunblaster Prism-Lens-LED Strip-Light Kit with a focused 90-degree lighting angle, is the new generation of Grow Lights, providing ideal lighting conditions for plant growth. The new prismatic lens refracts and reflects the light into a 90-degree output angle and thus ensures more light energy reaches the plant canopy, and stimulates faster growth.

This new design produces 20% higher light output than competing models. With a more efficient LED array, built-in reflector and the addition of the prism lens these LED’s focus light downward into a superior 90-degree beam angle. Up to eight units can be daisy chained together with link cords. Root healthier cuttings and grow stronger plants with the new SunBlaster Prism lens LED’s!

LED Strip Lights – Tomorrow’s Lighting Today

SunBlaster’s world-class team of lighting experts, global sourcing and manufacturing partners have completed the task of creating the finest Horticultural LED lighting available for today’s Indoor Growing Enthusiasts and Professionals. Designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all Indoor Horticultural applications without fail or compromise.

Using only High Output LED’S from Japan’s most prominent and respected manufacturer is an example of SunBlaster’s commitment to superior quality and performance.

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights utilize our Self-Cooling Technology (SCT) to create the most advanced horticultural lighting available today. SunBlaster’s self-cooling  technology allowed  engineers to push the lighting output to the desired levels without creating unwanted heat, or wasting valuable electronic resources running cooling fans or other unwanted devices.

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights are the next generation in propagation and grow lighting answering the need for advanced lighting options across a vast array of growing applications.

18-inch Sunblaster Prism-Lens-LED Strip-LightSpecifications for 18-inch Sunblaster Prism-Lens-LED Strip-Light – 6400K

  • Light Output: 2500 Lumens
  • Power Consumption: 18 Watts
  • Rated Life: 35,000 Hours
  • Nominal Length: 475 mm
  • Colour Temp: 6400 Kelvin
  • Lighting Angle: 90°
  • Voltage: AC120 Volts

What’s In the Package?

  • 1 X LED Strip Light
  • 1 X 6′ Power Cord with on/off switch
  • 1 X 14″ Link Cord to connect multiple lights in Series
  • 2 X Hanging Clips
  • 2 X Flat Surface Mounting Clips
  • Instructions for Care and Use


This handy guide comes with all SunBlaster LED Strip Lights.
SunBlaster LED Strip Light – Operating Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 429.7 KB


Guide pratique du propriétaire pour utiliser vos kits d’éclairage SunBlaster LED Strip Light.
Adobe Acrobat Document 282.2 KB


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