10X20 Jute MicroGreen Grow Mat – 10 Pack


  • Made to fit into 10″ X 20″ standard growing trays.
  • Good for all microgreens, micro herbs, wheat grass and more.
  • Made from natural jute fibers
  • Absorbs and holds maximum amount of water
  • Disposable and 100% biodegradable.

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10X20 Jute  MicroGreen Grow Mat – 10 Pack

The * Jute MicroGreen Grow Mat is an organic, environmentally friendly alternative to soil or soil-less mixes. It is capable of absorbing and holding a maximum amount of water, uptaking more nutrients, and allowing seeds to germinate quickly and grow into healthy young plants. It is good for all microgreens, micro herbs, wheat grass barley grass, bean sprouts, pea shoots, and more, and is perfect for hydroponic growing.

This Jute Fibre Grow Mat is the perfect medium for roots, allowing for natural air-root pruning. It is disposable and home compostable, free from pathogens and plastic contaminates, and 100% biodegradable. It is an economic and clean alternative to working with soil for the indoor urban farmer.

*Natural Jute Felt is a fabric of matted, compressed jute fibre, and degrades without leaving harmful traces. The Jute Felt is needle punched so that it can absorb moisture five times its own weight, and is designed to effectively control water, allowing seeds to thrive in a variety of Hydroponic Systems. It provides a natural organic method of growing soil type sprouts without the mess of soil.

The size of these jute microgreen grow mats is designed to fit perfectly into the standard 10 X 20 gardening/germination tray. To see our selection of matching growing trays click on Seedling & Growing Trays.