About Us

We represent a community of people in the GTA who believe in the importance of developing sustainable sources of nutritional food for ourselves, our families and friends. Motivated to that end, we have researched and developed the best means of self-sufficient food production in virtually any urban environment in Canada. We are delighted to share these tools and resources with our fellow Canadians, by means of this virtual storehouseEMPOWERING YOU TO GROW!

Sunrise Urban Farming - About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you to grow your own nutritious foods in order to enjoy healthy living and to achieve nutritional food independence, by providing you with a one-stop source for all your food production needs.

We provide all the ideas, tools, and training you need in order to provide fresh nutritional sources of food for you and your family year-round, grown right from your back-yard, patio, balcony or even indoors!

Our Motive

We are driven by the motive of empowering fellow citizens to provide healthy nutritional foods for themselves, their families, and enough to share with friends and neighbours.

As we are watching our friends, family members, and the general population become debilitated by degenerative diseases, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and numerous other ailments, we realize that these are largely preventable through proper nutrition and exercise. However, the food sources in most supermarkets are woefully lacking in nutrition due to soil depletion; or worse, contaminated by herbicides, insecticides and pesticides, as well as commercial farming methods that are driven more by financial gains than providing wholesome foods.

Furthermore, if there is a natural disaster or some other catastrophe that would impact the food supply chain, most of us can only depend on what may be available through the retail market. This puts us in an extremely vulnerable state, unless we are able to provide for our own food sources.

For these reasons, we have researched and developed the most effective means for any person to be able to grow their own healthy nutritious food and have packaged these concepts so that they are simple to implement by anyone, even if you only have a small backyard, or live in an apartment. We sincerely hope you can benefit from what we have to offer.

Our Method

We supply a complete do-it-yourself system for urban farming in Canada. Whether you live on a small city lot, a larger country lot, in a townhouse, or apartment, we provide innovative solutions to being able to grow your own nutritious food. We offer the tools, hardware, instruction, tips & training and ongoing supplies you may need to have sustainable sources of healthy, nutritional food sources from your own home or property.

Our Urban Farming Methods and Resources include:

We also provide clear step-by-step instructions on both the initial assembly and installation of any of our urban farming methods, as well as additional training on the entire growing process from planting or seeding to cultivating and watering, and, of course, harvesting. Our goal is to make you a successful urban farmer!